Credust Index


The Credust Index lists all the amazing thought leaders that are mentioned in the book “Credibility Nation.”

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Where in the Book Mentioned

Bill Wallace

Founder of Success North Dallas

Preface, Page 20

C. Lee Smith

Sales Credibility Expert and CEO of SalesFuel

Acknowledgments, Page 11

Darelyn Mitsch

Founder of Pyramids Coaching Institute

Bonus AHA #5, Page 148

David Meerman Scott

WSJ Bestselling Author

Section IV Summary, Page 75

Dr. Doug Firebaugh

CEO of WealthFuel Home Business Training

Bonus AHA #8, Page 149

Dwaine Canova

CEO of Zynity and Framework for Leading Institute

Bonus AHA #7, Page 149

Eran Levy

Director, Head of Thought Leadership & C-Suite Marketing at Cisco

Appendix G, Page 169

Evan Dash

President and CEO of Dash Holdings Group, LLC

Section III AHA #59, Page 69

Fox Beyer

Teacher, Coach, and Author

Appendix E, Page 163

Jay Fiset

Founder and Creator of JVology

Section IV AHA #67, Page 81

Jeffrey Hayzlett

Chairman and CEO of the C-Suite Network

Appendix E, Page 162

Jonathan Stone

Co-Founder of Impact the Change

Appendix B, Page 158

Josh Allan Dykstra

TEDx speaker and CEO of Helios

Bonus AHA #11, Page 151

Kare Anderson

Author, Quotability Speaker, and Emmy Winner

Bonus AHA #10, Page 150

Karin Hurt

CEO of Let's Grow Leaders

Appendix E, Page 163

Karl Hughes

Author, Speaker, Instructor, and Carpenter

Appendix E, Page 163

Kim Walsh Phillips

Founder of Powerful Professional

Section II Summary, Page 38

Nadene Joy

Chair and Founder of The Global Lead 2 Impact Summit


Bonus AHA #9, Page 150

RJ Nicolosi

Chairman and Founder of Catapult Leadership Lab

Bonus AHA #6, Page 148

Robert Clancy

Host and Producer of the Mindset Reset Show

Appendix G, Page 169

Sal Silvester

Founder and CEO of Coachmetrix

Bonus AHA #3, Page 147 & Appendix E, Page 163

Steve Rodgers

CEO of The Alchemy Advisors

Appendix E, Page 162

Swami Sadashiva Tirtha

Online Wellness & Stress Management Consultant SwamiSadashiva Tirtha


Appendix G, Page 169

Teresa de Grosbois

Chair of Evolutionary Business Council

Section V AHA #90, Page 99 & Appendix G, Page 169

Thom Harrison

Owner and Coach of Walk Your Why

Bonus AHA #4, Page 147

Tyler Hayzlett

Chief Marketing Officer of the C-Suite Network

Appendix E, Page 162





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Acknowledgements, Page 11