500 Thought Leaders Interviewed On Credibility!

In June, 2019 Mitchell Levy had a Napolean Hill-inspired vision. Just as Napoleon Hill wrote Think and Grow Rich after interviewing 500 millionaires, Mitchell was going to write a book on credibility after interviewing 500 thought leaders. He conducted the research and got his book
… and a whole lot more.

Over a one-period between September 2019 and August 2020, Mitchell Levy conducted 500 interviews on Credibility. These interviews were published as “Special Credibility Interviews” on the podcast Thought Leader Life as both a VCast and podcast.

His life goal, which manifested after 95% of the 500 interviews
were completed, is to tip the scale between
those that are credible and those that are dubious.

“Credibility is the quality that one is trusted, known, and liked,” which is seen in the definition of credibility that came from the interviews.

Testimonial By Mali Phonpadith.

~ Mali Phonpadith,
  CEO of SOAR Community
  Network &
  Co-founder of SOAR
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