Thought Leader Life with Debbie Horovitch (@Debbie_h2o) #002

In the second episode of Thought Leader Life, thought leader guest Debbie Horovitch talks about Google+ Hangouts on Air and how this platform can benefit thought leaders and their organization. Debbie (@Debbie_h2o) is a Google+ Hangouts on Air producer and consultant, and founder of Social Sparkle & Shine.

I discussed the success of my webinar on thought leadership where 288 registered and 122 people attended. (The questions that were asked, answered, and not answered, as well as a link directing users to the webinar were posted in this blog post.)

Michael Procopio introduced our guest speaker for this episode. Michael shared how Debbie “stalked” him on one of his webinars and invited him to be part of her Google+ Hangouts on Air for book authors and publishers.

Debbie admitted that she did “stalk” Michael, and had planned this months ahead of time so she could convince him to participate in Google+ Hangouts on Air for book authors and publishers. She said that she wanted to find increasingly active book authors who are creating communities and awareness for themselves and wanted to reach out to them and present them with the opportunity to be on the Hangout.

Debbie wants to reach people to help leverage their activities and be a value in their circle. She talked about what she does as producer of Google+ Hangouts on Air, the value and benefits of Google+ Hangouts on Air for thought leaders and their organizations, and why Google+ Hangouts on Air is so strong that it can help people create thought leaders.

Here are a few “‘aha’ moments” from the episode. See more in the upcoming book, soon to be a part of the THiNKaha app-only book series!

Thought leaders take responsibility for changing people’s minds about a situation in a way that is helpful to them. @Debbie_h2o

Thought leadership is about the curiosity of what surrounds the next corner. @Debbie_h2o

Learning something about someone before reaching out to them is a great social media tactic. @MichaelProcopio