Saying “In All You Do, BE the Blessing” in More Than 100 Languages

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We may not be able to do all sorts of great things, but we can always do small things passionately. Therefore, no matter what state you’re in or whatever title or degree you hold, whenever someone calls for your help or seeks your guidance, be the beacon that leads them the way to victory.

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As Linda Stirling’s (@PublisherLinda) mantra goes, “In All You Do, BE the Blessing.” Teach them, encourage them, or simply be their shoulder to lean on. Everyone wants to be remembered in this world—are you willing to take on that challenge? If so, then spread the valuable message behind this powerful phrase in 100-plus languages or simply share the URL:

Let other people from every part of the world see the beauty of being a blessing to others! Try it, you won’t regret it!

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