Mitchell Levy In the Top 200 Leadership Voices to Watch in 2022

Cupertino, CA-based Credibility Nation(r) is delighted to announce that Mitchell Levy, founder of Credibility Nation, has been honored as part of the Top 200 Biggest Leadership Voices in 2022 published by Leaders Hum, a website dedicated to providing growth opportunities and learning materials for entrepreneurs.

Global Credibility Expert Mitchell Levy is a two time TEDx speaker, an international bestselling author of over 60 books and an executive coach at Marshall Goldsmith’s 100 Coaches. He has interviewed over 500 thought leaders from around the world and has served as Chairman of the Board of a NASDAQ-listed firm. His accomplishments have earned him a spot among the top 200 biggest leadership voices in 2022, coming in at 125th place.

Commenting on the list, Mitchell Levy says, “I’m excited to be included among such amazing luminaries in the field.” His work among his peers and other thought leaders was recorded and published in his international bestselling book — Credibility Nation — and has led to a TEDxTalk on humanity, a variety of courses and more. Levy also created the Credibility Nation community to help business owners live, learn and surround themselves with others on a credibility journey.

As part of his Credibility Nation community, Global Credibility Expert Mitchell Levy and Process Execution Jedi-Master Lucas Root run The Ultimate Credibility Bootcamp that helps entrepreneurs build their credibility, build their brand and close more business. This 2-day bootcamp is a deep dive into how an entrepreneur should present themselves both on and offline. Attendees learn and start speaking the common language of credibility, which makes it easier for preferred prospects to feel aligned with them, and for valued partners to easily and willingly want to share them.

These events also provide entrepreneurs a chance to be surrounded by and network with others who are there for the same purpose and want to further themselves both personally and career-wise. This sense of community comes with a safe space where attendees are able to talk about anything and share everything they wish. Levy assures that the bootcamp is a place where there is no judgment, only love and support.

Anyone who wants to learn more about Levy and his expertise should consider visiting his website for more information. Mitchell also encourages interested parties to purchase his book, Credibility Nation: For Professionals Who Want to Be Seen as Credible, available on Amazon. In the book, he explores how the keys to success and happiness in the global village are credibility and relationships. Since technology has enabled people to connect with everyone else, how they live and do business can easily be observed. For a business owner, this means that presenting themselves as credibly as possible is crucial if they want their community to feel inclined to get to trust, know, and like them.

The book has had great reviews on Amazon. Martin Piskoric says in his 5-Star review, “As a servant leader who wants to leave a better world to future generations, Mitchell reminds us what it means to be credible. Being known, being likable and being trustworthy may seem easy, but living an incredible life and conducting an incredible business needs our intent and passion to come through, to share who we are. This book builds your pillars and guides you to a life worth living. So, to sprinkle some credust (sic) — it’s a must read!”

In another review, J. Lewis writes, “Excellent book on building credibility. Make the most important points, especially about showing up when one shows up, or being ‘in the now’ and caring about people with you in the present moment. Great images to place a memorable picture in the reader’s mind, and interactive with questions to help the reader internalize the valuable content. Thank you, Mitchell Levy, for writing this wonderful book!”

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