How D2D Sales Help Build Your Business Value Quicker than Ever Before: 5 AHAs from Josh Jones

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For the past two decades, the D2D sales movement has been gaining incredible momentum, fuelled by consumers’ ever-increasing demand for an in-home, almost effortless, concierge buying experience. There has never been a better time to have a career in the D2D industry than right now.

Billions of dollars in value has been added to numerous organization through the door-to-door sales channel. The compensation for D2D sales reps is often multiple times higher than other industries.

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1.      Two roads diverged in a wood. I took the one less travelled. That has made all the difference. @RobertFrost via [click to tweet]

2.      The best opportunities often come in disguise. #D2D is self-actualization disguised as self-discipline. [click to tweet]

3.      Because of the flexibility #DoorToDoor offers, you can choose your priorities. Mine is family. What’s yours? [click to tweet]

4.      Sometimes, rejection saves you from dealing with a potentially difficult customer. #D2D [click to tweet]

5.      You may not have “Doctor” in front of your name, but by knocking on doors, you can earn more than just about any kind of medical professional. [click to tweet]

Learn what you need to do and the attitude you need to adopt to fully take advantage of this liberating career in Don’t Knock It Till You Knock It.

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