Business Growth through the Creation of Thought Leaders

People are the most valuable assets of any organization. The leaders and experts of an organization are the images that represent the noblest ideals, finest characteristics, and most outstanding skills and talents of its people. An organization’s reputation relies largely on the experts that mold its success and charts its growth.

It takes thought leaders to bring your organization or business to the forefront of the market in this age of social media networking. An organization’s objectives, no matter how altruistic and useful they are, could be tedious to process because of the fast-paced life and short attention spans of people in this era of information (overload).

Personalities are at the center of social networking. Hence, central to new media marketing are the credible profiles of thought leaders or personalities that rouse the interest and confidence of your customers and prospects. The current market trends necessitate the existence—and virtual and actual ubiquity—of thought leaders that would serve as the personalities that consumers will associate with your business. For example, products endorsed by credible celebrities or personalities become highly profitable; in this same manner, thought leaders of an organization are also a primary factor in bringing more business to your door.

THiNKaha‘s business foresight and wisdom is a leader in programs that increase the leverage of businesses. It creates solutions which are tailor-fit for your business in order to transform your experts to thought leaders. Having thought leaders ensures a competitive edge for your business and certitude in business success. These thought leaders serve as your firm’s evangelists as they will be invited to key events; speak at conferences and webinars; author books and eBooks; write articles, blogs, and tweets; and be quoted in traditional media on events and trends in the marketplace. Thought leaders’ exposure and presence in new and traditional media is equivalent to your business capturing wider prospects. Mitchell Levy, Thought Leader Architect and CEO of THiNKaha, definitely knows what it’s like given his experience of starting fifteen companies and partnerships in the past eighteen years:

“With the changing environment that the Internet and social media is bringing about, it’s not so much about the global organization, but the individual experts and thought leaders at organizations whose names you associate with expertise in their respective niches. Thought leadership as an intangible asset is not just nice to have, but a CRITICAL lever for business growth!” he exhorts.

The proven track record of THiNKaha through Mitchell’s leadership is manifested in the 200+ books published, plus the coaching and guidance the firm has provided to transition experts to thought leaders. Hanoch McCarty, Director of Training and Co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, describes his experience with the program as one that elicits critical thinking and creative productivity:

“Mitchell is the most forward-looking, high-energy, and creative entrepreneur I’ve met in years. The phrase ‘think outside the box’ describes him perfectly—he spends all of his time creating, exploring, and imagineering new paradigms in business and society. Just spending a few hours with him will leave you thinking and creating in new ways. If you want to take your business to a new and higher level, Mitchell is the person who can facilitate that next step,” Hanoch enthused.

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