Build Better Software Using Scrum: 5 AHAs from Utpal Vaishnav

This week’s five Ahas are from the AHAbook™, Utpal Vaishnav on SCRUM

Most software companies recognize the need to build software quickly, maximizing quality while minimizing time to market. And yet, conventional software development is an unwieldy and expensive process. Enter Scrum. Scrum is an iterative, nimble, and agile route to developing software. Code reviews are thorough and frequent, feedback loops drive development, teams sprint towards well-defined goals, and decision-making authority permeates cross-fertilizing development teams.AAEAAQAAAAAAAAjcAAAAJGFmZjI1ZmQwLTgxZTUtNDJhNC04NGQzLTEzN2Y3N2M3ZTY5Nw

Written by a Scrum Master, this AHAbook charts an agile path to building lean, top-notch software that drives maximum value towards the organization’s bottom line. Right on the money, this timely book will inspire developers, engineers and business unit leaders who want to develop software with speed and agility.

A paperback and Kindle version of this AHAbook is available on Amazon.

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  1. The first step of building great software is to know WHY that software product NEEDS to be great. @utpalvaishnav [click to tweet]
  2. The trust you implant in your Scrum team is proportional to the consistency of results the team produces. @utpalvaishnav [click to tweet]
  3. A Scrum project is like a recipe dish. The recipe is as good as the chefs preparing it. @utpalvaishnav [click to tweet]
  4. The ability to inspect and adapt is superior to years of experience. Each Scrum team member should have that. @utpalvaishnav [click to tweet]
  5. A formula good ScrumMasters should follow for identifying impediments: observe, ask, and listen. @utpalvaishnav [click to tweet]

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