5 Things To Focus On To Be Seen As Thought Leaders

Cupertino, CA-based Credibility Nation’s Mitchell Levy was recently featured in an interview on Medium where he identifies five areas that can help one become a thought leader in their field. Overall, he makes the argument that the most important factor in any person’s reputation is consistency, as this tends to have a direct, positive influence on their credibility.

During the Medium interview, Levy also talks about some of the ways in which an individual can improve on the five areas mentioned and achieve their goal of becoming a thought leader. Check out this Medium article featuring Mitchell Levy on 5 things to do to become a thought leader.

A thought leader is defined as someone who thinks well. Levy explains, “They put pieces together, paint a framework, and articulate their thinking in a way that allows other people to think about their situation. Now, a thought leader doesn’t need to be a business leader. Typical business leaders are, by definition, those who have people working for them. In contrast, a thought leader is someone who has followers because they like what the person is saying. Thought leaders are typically those who influence what a person thinks. They gain influence by having a series of thoughts and frameworks that are worth paying attention to look at the world differently.”

Being a thought leader is beneficial in that it allows a person to devote their time and energy to a field they enjoy and are passionate about. It offers a means by which they may influence the people around them by sharing their thoughts and pushing a specific agenda or activity that may be beneficial to everyone involved. There is a great deal of information constantly flowing back and forth thanks to the internet, which in turn leaves people open to being swayed by the vast amount of data that is constantly flying at them. A thought leader’s job is to interpret and share such data in a way that’s understandable.

Thought leadership can help a business grow in a variety of ways. People are interested in working with those who they view as credible, and people who are thought leaders are generally considered to be among the most credible in a given field. When looking to have an issue solved or addressed, most tend to want to work with a smart and capable person who can provide them with the best solution to their issue. Thought leaders know how to develop the right solution and approach to solving a problem — which makes them a credible source of help when it comes to problem solving.

Mitchell Levy, himself a thought leader in his field, founded Credibility Nation to help people build credibility and essentially become thought leaders in their own right. By focusing on consistency, and as Levy says, reinforcing clarity in their synchronous and asynchronous presence, they gain the ability to articulate themselves in such a way so as to allow others to trust them as a thought leader — an individual who has the ability to actually deliver on their claims.

Global Credibility Expert Mitchell Levy is a 2x TEDx speaker, a bestselling author of over 60 books and an executive at Marshall Goldsmith’s 100 Coaches. He has interviewed 500 thought leaders on the topic of credibility, making him an expert on the topic. Through his courses, especially Credibility Nation’s Ultimate Credibility Bootcamp, people learn to be more credible and become thought leaders in their fields.

Dan Kappellen, one of the many people to have learned and grown in their journey towards credibility thanks to Mitchell Levy and Credibility Nation, had this to say about their experience, “I just finished the Ultimate Credibility Bootcamp, led by Mitchell Levy and Lucas Root. It is, hands down, worth attending. I have been fine-tuning my USP for years. But, I struggled with putting the right words together in a short message that connects with my intended audience. I now have that.” Learn more about the 2-Day Ultimate Credibility Bootcamp here.

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