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Mitchell LevyIn March of 1989, Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web, what we came to know as the modern-day Internet. It would take four more years before Mosaic became the first browser and the world as we knew it would change – the digital age had arrived.

While the public in general was not aware of the Internet, which has existed since 1969, businesses were using this technology to leverage their abilities to compete. It was during these little-known, formative years that Mitchell Levy was cutting his teeth as an ecommerce specialist that would lead Sun Microsystems $3.5b ecommerce supply chain operation, would later organize 4 COMDEX conferences, and lead him into becoming a sought-after authority in ecommerce and CEO, Chairman and/or President of numerous companies, boards and organizations.

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The Best Motivation: Self-Motivation

Mitchell Levy received his BS in Operational Research from the University of Miami (UM).

“When I got to UM, I was an average student trying to figure out where I wanted to go. As most freshman, I was attracted by the girls. I met two beautiful ladies who loved the library; so I started to go just to be around them. The habits I learned from them helped me to become an ace student who learned that the best kind of motivation is self-motivation.”

This led to Mitchell graduating in the top 2%, representing his class at the graduating ceremonies. He then went on to get his MBA from the College of William and Mary, earning a full-scholarship and graduating six-months ahead of schedule.

The Dot Com Era and Silicon Valley

“Shortly after working in Boston for a few years, where I met the love of my life, the elements leading to the dot.com era were starting to materialize and Silicon Valley was becoming a place of legend and opportunity. So when I received a job offer at a new technology company in Silicon Valley, I thought I was on my way to become rich.”

Who knew this company would very quickly collapse, leaving Mitchell in search of a new home – a home that would be the launching pad for him to become one of the most sought after ecommerce strategists and the author of 25 books – Sun Microsystems.

Mitchell’s extraordinary abilities, keen sense of marketing, and visionary approach on how to marry this practice with the new technologies of the Internet, opened doors to CommerceNet; whereas Sun Microsystem’s representative, he would become CommerceNet’s Marketing Track Director. Moreover, he would rub shoulders and collaborate with thought leaders and pioneers as Jeff Bezos of Amazon and media mogul Mark Cuban (also owner of the Dallas Mavericks and regular on the successful TV show Shark Tank).


From Expert to Thought Leader

During this period, the Internet reached 50-million users, which was the hallmark for business to consider it a serious medium. The media came calling to CommerceNet for an expert to interview and Mitchell Levy was the chosen spokesperson.

“It’s funny how things work. It’s almost like serendipity. But I knew nothing just happened; everything happened for a reason. It was during this time I learned the very important skill of media interviews from a corporate perspective. After all, if you’re not careful, one misstatement and your stock and reputation can take a serious dive.”

Mitchell has taught at San Jose State University, University of California, Santa Cruz and Santa Clara University and has created four executive education programs for San Jose State University and UC, Santa Cruz.

“A mentor of mine once told me, if I wanted to be a successful consultant, a credible expert, I had to do at least two of three things:

bulletWrite a book

bulletPublicly speak

bulletTeach at a university

So I did all three. I learned that this combination took an expert to a whole new level, which would open doors far beyond their imagination. I can say from first-hand knowledge, it’s a formula for ultra-success.”


Helping You Reach Thought Leader Status

Today, Mitchell Levy is the author of 56 books. One of his latest books Mitchell Levy on Creating Thought Leaders: Helping Experts Inside of Corporations Amplify Their Thought Leadership helps the key staff, leaders, and proactive employees inside organizations internalize and act on becoming thought leaders in consonance with the fast-changing times. A must read for the success-minded professional looking to reach new heights.

He is also the CEO of Happy About® and THiNKaha®, thought leadership/publishing firms that help the professional expert become thought leaders in their fields. With over 200 titles across the book publishing arms, THiNKaha offers a host of services that help experts turn into thought leaders. Two unique services which stand out are:

bulletAHAthat: a web-based app that helps you increase your influence by amplifying and activating quality “AHA” moments. Read THiNKaha books via the AHAthat and easily share AHAs with others on your social media accounts. Sign up for a free account today and start curating content!

bulletThought Leadership Interviews: creates instant content for yourself, your brand, and your organization. THiNKaha will produce a show in which they facilitate an interview with an advocate or future advocate on the challenges they face and potential solutions that exist. Content includes a YouTube episode, podcast, blog post, and a set of potential Ahas for you to share with others via social. Watch examples of interviews with renowned thought leaders on Thought Leader Life.

“With the AHAthat and the Thought Leadership Interviews, I took what I learned and created products/services that deliver results for launching one to thought leader status. I use the H.E.L.P principle:

H is for a healthy following. You not only need to be an expert, but you need to have a number of people that follow you and not only know that you are an expert, but seek out your expertise.

E is about execution, you need to execute well. Every time you interact with folks whether it’s speaking, consulting, or just delivering on any promise, you need to execute well. You need to deliver on your promises and ensure that your deliver on the implied benefit of your brand.

L is for thought leadership. As you learn more, grow and deliver on your brand promise, you need to share that wisdom with others. Books are the best form of thought leadership, but there’s also TV, radio, blogging, magazine columns, webinars, video and audio tapes, etc.

P is for platform. You need to have a robust platform that you use to share your thought leadership, knowledge and your continuous learning. It’s important to keep stoking the fire and to continue to attract more followers who are interested in knowing what you are doing.

In his over 25-year career, Mitchell Levy has provided strategic consulting to over 100 companies, has advised over 500 CEOs on critical business issues, has commanded extraordinary speaking fees and helped hundreds of people to achieve the level of success they sought.

Today, Mitchell and his wife, Alex, live in California with their 15-year old son Duncan. He enjoys Duncan Daddy Day every Sunday, and travels with family and friends to Europe for 4 to 6 weeks a year, to unwind and remember why he does what he does – his family.


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