Who Wouldn’t Like Quoting Charles Dickens?

Great Expectations is one of the greatest pieces of classic literature. As such, our desire for this AHAbook is to present its insightful messages regarding integrity vs. secrecy, real love vs. emotional manipulation, and maintaining close family ties vs. abandonment. Also acknowledged are the viewpoints on expressing gratitude, showing respect, and taking personal responsibility, as well as exposing wealth and its power.

With this companion work to Charles Dickens’s masterpiece, take pride and honor in applying the wisdom in each AHAmessage so you may advance in life no matter where you go or how difficult your journey is. Help other people by sharing this AHAbook in different ways, such as at http://aha.pub/GreatExpectations. Believe that with the right virtues and principles, great rewards can be achieved regardless of age, wealth, or social standing.

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  1. Your name, good or bad, is what you give to yourself and what you gain for yourself. #CharlesDickens http://aha.pub/GreatExpectations [click to tweet]
  2. When you serve someone, try to serve him with all your heart. #CharlesDickens http://aha.pub/GreatExpectations [click to tweet]
  3. Take up an acquaintance in a more agreeable spirit. Can you? #CharlesDickens http://aha.pub/GreatExpectations [click to tweet]
  4. Enjoy yourself with your elders. Improve yourself with their conversation. #CharlesDickens http://aha.pub/GreatExpectations [click to tweet]
  5. Instead of working your head like a screw to get the answer out of somebody, work hard and get an answer for yourself. #CharlesDickens http://aha.pub/GreatExpectations [click to tweet]

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