What Does It Mean to #DoGoodStuff: 5 Ahas from @JoelComm and Friends


This week’s five Ahas are from the AhaBook™, Joel Comm on #DoGoodStuff. The phrase “Do Good Stuff” has become one of Joel Comm’s leading charges. He believes that when you “Do Good Stuff” without expecting something in return, good stuff comes back to you in unexpected forms.

To understand what others thought, Joel posed the question to his Facebook friends. Together with the Aha Amplifier team, Joel compiled the answers and turned them into this AhaBook. This social media enabled eBook contains quotes on what #DoGoodStuff means.AAEAAQAAAAAAAAcJAAAAJDNkNjA3Y2NkLTU3ZWUtNDM3MC1hOTcyLTgzN2VlODljNjQ0MA

Read it, be inspired, and share the AhaMessages that resonate with you, via the Aha Amplifier™.

Here are some of the AhaMessages you can find in the AhaBook:

  1. The secret to my success isn’t a secret. It’s a lifestyle of seeking to do good stuff no matter what I am doing. @JoelComm [click to tweet]
  2. If you #DoGoodStuff, you get good stuff in return, in ways you couldn’t have imagined. @jfouts [click to tweet]
  3. When you #DoGoodStuff, you get to smile from the inside out! @Spwrite[click to tweet]
  4. Whatever is going on in the world, focus on having a positive impact and making a difference where you can. @avadiamondspkr #DoGoodStuf [click to tweet]
  5. .#DoGoodStuff means doing good for the betterment of others. Period. @PaulKlein [click to tweet]

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