Useful Life Lessons from a Recovering Serial Entrepreneur: 5 Ahas from @AlexMandossian


This week’s five Ahas are from the AhaBook™, AlexismsAlexisms is a handbook of witty, wise and even wacky life lessons expressed in one to two phrases. Each phrase is an idea curated from 25+ years of experience from business breakthroughs, challenges and turning points the author has had as a Master Virtual Presenter. Each Alexism is a “slice-of-life” vignettes Alex Mandossian expresses on stage, online or while mentoring his serial entrepreneur clients.AAEAAQAAAAAAAAUyAAAAJDZhZGI0NWVkLWUwMTQtNGE5OC05NDg2LWY4NjMxZTNlNTM3OA - Copy

Alexisms are ideal to share on Twitter, Facebook or blogs because they are rich with insights and full of flair to spark social conversations. Each Alexism is intended to inspire and motive readers on what matters most to move the needle in their businesses, while reminding them to beware of distractions that can cripple and stunt their marketing reach and exposure.

Share some of the AhaMessages below, and then read and share the entire book via the Aha Amplifier™:

  1. Sloppy success is better than perfect mediocrity. @AlexMandossian #tll [click to tweet]
  2. Happiness in your personal and professional life is “getting” what you want AND “wanting” what you get. @AlexMandossian #tll [click to tweet]
  3. Adrenaline is the breakfast of business champions. @AlexMandossian #tll[click to tweet]
  4. Bridging the gap between your vision and execution is the root of all business leadership. @AlexMandossian #tll [click to tweet]
  5. Actions are more influential than conversations, because “Well-done is better than well-said.” @AlexMandossian #tll [click to tweet]

Alexisms is available via the Aha Amplifier. You can see all 140 Ahas and share one or more of them socially at Alexisms. (Please note that you’ll need to create a free account to view and share the book.)

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