Turning Ideas Into Impact- Insightful AHAs from 16 Silicon Valley Consultants

Many businesses that were successful 100 years ago no longer exist. Trapped by their own success, they gradually learned to reduce risk and avoid failure at all costs and consequently squelched or killed innovation and creativity. This made them vulnerable to competition from new or more aggressive companies with less to lose. Are your greatest contributions and successes behind you or ahead of you? Even brilliant people can underperform—or fail—for entirely predictable (and avoidable!) reasons.

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It can be hard to see new possibilities that will allow future success, especially when it requires letting go of previously effective strategies that served you well. This is where the outside perspective of a consultant can be particularly useful. This book's 16 authors offer you a competitive advantage in the business world and an alternative to that treacherous valley.

Dive into the Silicon Valley magic by reading one of the book's chapters. As a result, you'll understand why in this amazing center of innovation, failures are called "prototypes," the "impossible" is merely difficult, and dreams become reality.

Here are some of the insightful AHA messages you can learn from the book:

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