Throughput on Command: 5 AHAs from Jeff “SKI” Kinsey

This week’s five Ahas are from the AHAbook™, Jeff ‘SKI’ Kinsey on Purple Curve Effect.

Based on Jeff’s Purple Curve Effect available on Amazon, this AHAbook is a “must own” for business owners facing numerous challenges in leading their businesses to the next level. Primed to empower you right where you are right now, this book is about creating outrageous growth and success. It zeros in on the heart of Constraints Management Method (CMM), based on Eli Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints (TOC), then adapts it for immediate use by individuals, entrepreneurs and even those working in the trenches of large organizations.AAEAAQAAAAAAAAc4AAAAJDM5ZGQyNDI5LTkwOTQtNDk2Mi05MzE5LWY2YmE3MTQ4ZWIyZg

Now available in 140 character “bite size” nuggets, this book and the tenets that SKI has lived for the past twenty years are yours to master.

Share some of the AHAmessages™ below, and then read and share the entire book via AHAthat:

  1. One’s throughput will grow at exponential rates once focus and leverage are applied solely at the system’s weakest link. #PCE140 [click to tweet]
  2. In order to ensure the perfect vacation we make a list of key events and materials required. Is your business any less important? #PCE140 [click to tweet]
  3. Find a working model and clone it! Consider Martha Stewart. She went from zero to a billion dollars in net worth in only a few years #PCE140 [click to tweet]
  4. I have been taught that successful people will do what the average (unsuccessful?) person is unwilling to do. #PCE140 [click to tweet]
  5. One cannot effectively design a solution before analyzing the playing field. As Abbott and Costello would say it, “Who’s on first?” #PCE140 [click to tweet]

Jeff ‘SKI’ Kinsey on Purple Curve Effect is available via AHAthat. You can see all 140 Ahas and share one or more of them socially at Jeff ‘SKI’ Kinsey on Purple Curve Effect. (Start sharing Jeff’s great quotes along with other amazing AHAleaders at a click of a button. AHAthat gives you access to great content for free within seconds.)

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