Toward the end of last year, Michael Procopio and I started hosting a weekly show called Thought Leader Life. We have nine shows under our belt so I thought it was high time that I blogged about it! Every week on Saturday, Michael and I interview—live via Google Hangout—a thought leader somewhere in the world who shares insights on what they do and how they do it. Besides interacting with the thought leaders, the most exciting thing about this show is all the content it generates afterwards. Check out our blueprint:

After each episode (which streams live and is immediately released on YouTube), we pull out the audio from the video and it becomes a podcast episode for Shel Holtz’s and Neville Hobson’s growing podcast “For Immediate Release” (FIR) network. We then write up a summary of the episode and blog it and post it on the Thought Leadership Best Practices LinkedIn group. Lastly, we create tweets from the content of the episode (about forty tweets). We combine 4-5 episodes and create a THiNKaha app-only book. If you take a look at our app-only series, you’ll see that each book is made up of 140 Twitter-sized quotes.

So, at the end of the year, we will have created…

1. A YouTube channel with fifty episodes
2. A podcast channel with fifty episodes
3. Fifty blog posts
4. Ten THiNKaha app-only books
5. A better relationship with 50+ thought leaders

This is something I’m super excited about as I love the idea of having one episode generate so much content in different formats and it’s a great way to increase the influence of thought leaders around the world. Please visit and take a look around! Subscribe to our YouTube channel, watch our past episodes (with interviewees that include Michael Griego, Robert Galinsky, and Dave Nielsen), and catch the next one this Saturday, February 15, with Mike Agron from WebAttract.

If you like how this sounds and would like to activate what we’re doing, please check out our activation page. Please let Michael or I know what you think: ping Mitchell at @happyabout or @THiNKaha or Michael at @MichaelProcopio.

Please check out the first episode of Thought Leader Life as well! This episode introduces both me and Michael Procopio.