Thought Leader Life with Praba Murugaiah (@prabamurugaiah) #003

In this episode of Thought Leader Life, thought leader guest Praba Murugaiah, CEO of TechFetch, talks about how thought leadership is related to the success of every person and organization in the world of social media, advanced information, and communication technology. The interview covers the many aspects of thought leadership, including how one should be able to go beyond their own space and understand the needs of everyone involved – the users, customers, company, and employees.

Being a thought leader is all about being a visionary, understanding the current situation, being able to connect the dots, learning ways to adapt, and knowing what the future holds. It is about working beyond your own limits and boundaries and moving forward to a higher level of involvement. Praba relates how he was able to attain success by taking his interaction with his customers and employees to heart and looking beyond profits and money. He became a thought leader by his own right because he reached out and communicated to others to sincerely listen to their needs and help them grow. As the CEO of his company, he considers himself not as a boss, but a bridge between the customers and employees. He is there as mediator and educator, not an employer.

Praba discusses how thought leaders should be able to adapt to the world of online communication and use innovations in information and communication technology to achieve his or her vision. He points out the importance of knowing how to communicate the message in tweet-sized formats given the very short attention span of today’s customers.

To become a thought leader, Praba gives two simple tips: always think of how you can be more valuable to your customers and be a good listener.

Finally, in this interview, Praba shares secrets to the success of TechFetch, which is a very popular and successful online job portal.

Here are a few “‘aha’ moments” from the episode. See more in the upcoming book, soon to be a part of the THiNKaha app-only book series!

Thought leadership is more about helping customers to grow than selling products. @prabamurugaiah

The more people you touch as a thought leader, the more value you create. @prabamurugaiah

Pay-it-forward with your future advocates to turn them into current advocates. @happyabout