Thought Leader Life with Kim Chandler McDonald (@KimmiCFlatWorld) #027

In this episode of Thought Leader Life, Michael and I share insights with #ThoughtLeader Kim Chandler McDonald. Kim is known as an innovation advocate, adviser, and strategist who recently won recognition for her book, Innovation: How Innovators Think, Act, and Change Our World. She defines a #ThoughtLeader as someone who is as engaging as they are engaged on issues, which could be a service, product, or idea. Kim believes that #ThoughtLeaders are and should be pleasant people, quoting the old adage, “You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.”

In the interview, Kim discusses flat world navigation and why it is important in today’s global digital economy. In being the world’s first branded flat world navigator, she said she drew inspiration from Pulitzer-winning journalist Thomas Friedman, who wrote the book, The World Is Flat. In today’s world, traditional boundaries no longer matter, and globalization has leveled the playing field in business. The role of flat world navigators is to build bridges for businesses and be connectors and collaborators who use both traditional and innovative tools and technologies. Kim further explains that the effect of changing perspectives in terms of your professional and personal footprints in the global digital economy is that it brings about societal change. The younger generation is less likely to be going to war with someone who is their Facebook friend from across the world.

As the world’s first branded flat world navigator, Kim shares her secret on how she was able to establish relationships with more than a hundred hardcore innovators from around the world to make her book. Did she use a complex research methodology? Kim says the key to her achievement was that she was gracious in asking people to become involved in her project. She asked her interviewees nicely – and used her flat world navigation skills to make and maintain relationships.

Kim also shares why she believes it is no longer appropriate to call it I.T., or Information Technology; rather, it should be called U.T., or User Technology. And the R.O.I should not just be considered a Return on Investment, but a Return on Involvement.

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Doing business in the global digital economy is less about sales execs and more about making and maintaining dynamic relationships. @KimmiCFlatWorld

Business is changing, and you have to morph and learn to change yourself, the process, and the environment around you. @happyabout

The key aspect to being a flat world navigator is being involved. You have to be authentically engaged with people. @KimmiCFlatWorld

Flat world navigation can change the balance of corporate power. @KimmiCFlatWorld

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