Thought Leader Life with Julio Viskovich (@JulioVisko) #022

In this episode of Thought Leader Life, Michael and I discuss with thought leader Julio Viskovich about “sellarketing” and how companies can effectively integrate social media tools into their sales processes. The show takes on a new interview format in which questions or topics to be elaborated by the guest are based on quotes pulled from his or her book on the Aha Amplifier. Julio’s book on “sellarketing” is among the first batch of Aha books published by THiNKaha. Throughout the show, Julio had the opportunity to provide further insights on subjects touched on in his Amplifier book, including the integration of social media in the sales process, the marriage between sales and marketing (hence the term “sellarketing”), and the importance of leveraging relationships with people within your sphere of influence.

Julio defines a thought leader as someone who is at the forefront of a term, topic, or industry. They share information, educate people, and push themselves to learn more and to develop and establish their industry even further. The first Aha quote I reveal is: “It’s important to note that social selling is an additive to the sales process, not a full-scale change.” Julio notes that this quote resonates with companies that are hesitant to bring in social media within the sales process because they think it is an “either/or” situation. The next quote, “The sphere of influence concept allows salespeople to map the best way of leveraging existing relationships,” is explained by Julio as something that allows salespeople to magnify their ability to reach the future advocate without making cold calls or sending 10 to 20 emails. And this is why the advocate part is an important element in the Thought Leadership Funnel.

At this point, I ask Julio about how marketing and sales are different in the context of sellarketing. He replies that marketing and sales are increasingly crossing over each other’s roles, and the lines are blurred as far as function is concerned. The following quote elaborates on the roles marketing and sales play in the social space: “You must deliver specialized content to the buyer to help inch them towards purchasing your product.” Julio says it is definitely up to marketing to help sales provide the right content to the buyer at the right time. And, while explaining the next quote (“In sellarketing, you have the perfect marriage between the sales and the marketing department.”), it is marketing’s job to push sales to shift priorities by analyzing trends on social media. The final quote touches on what Julio says is a social media tool most companies and individuals have not maximized to the fullest: “Mastering social selling and connecting with sales prospects and recruiters depends on your advanced use of LinkedIn.” Julio would like to discuss more about micro-marketing and why people should think of themselves as their own marketing team, but due to lack of time, this subject will have to wait until his next hangout with Michael and I on Thought Leader Life.

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Here are some “‘aha’ moments” from the episode. See more in the Aha Moments from Thought Leader Life books available in the Aha Amplifier and watch the interview below!

You need to think more of yourself as the CEO of “Me, Inc.” @juliovisko

On LinkedIn, look at endorsements as your “Yelp” score. @happyabout

CEOs getting on social is absolutely vital because people can see the face of the company, and employees are able to interact with management. @juliovisko

Nobody deals with a generalist anymore. You have to bring more value to the table now with the availability of information on the Internet. @juliovisko

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