Thought Leader Life with Joe DiNucci (@joedinucci) #019

In this episode of Thought Leader Life, Michael and I speak with thought leader creator Joe DiNucci. As co-founder of the consulting firm Enabling Thought Leadership, Joe helps give voice to thought leaders by professionally aiding them in “word-smithing.” For Joe, thought leadership is a state of mind that is part of your life, and anyone can be a thought leader in any field if you think critically, listen, and stand your ground. Thought leadership is the fine art of balancing between being assertive of one’s ideas, and being humble enough to challenge your own assumptions.

Critical thinking is the core of thought leadership, and this is what Joe emphasizes as he explains how Enabling Thought Leadership is able to develop narratives, articles, blogs, or white papers for their clients by simply asking the right questions. In enabling the expert’s thought leadership, Joe and his team help people improve their quality of thinking, organize their existing work (research papers, etc.), and make them reflect on what they really want to achieve. Commissioning a ghostwriter or a clone is one way of bringing out your thought leadership, and Joe believes that a thinker or an author does not give up anything by engaging one. This explains their company tagline: “You think the great thoughts; we’ll take it from there.”

For me, this particular episode is what I would like to share to experts or anyone who wants to be a thought leader, but needs help in terms of filling in the gaps skills-wise. In the interview, Joe effectively presents what one can expect working with professionals like Enabling Thought Leadership to enable thought leadership. The discussion also touches on other interesting subjects, such as Google’s hiring criteria, critical thinking and the education process, and the techniques in maintaining a blog series.

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In professional coaching, you don’t have to know all the answers; you just have to be able to ask the right questions. @joedinucci

Asking the right questions is what life should be about. It is what children should learn. @happyabout

Think critically. Always challenge your own assumptions. @joedinucci

A blog is a very valid way to communicate with the world, and a vehicle for thought leadership. @joedinucci

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