Thinkers360 Recognizes Credibility Nation Founder Mitchell Levy with a Top Ten Badge for Business Continuity

Mitchell Levy, the founder of Credibility Nation, has been recognized several times over with awards and honors for the creative ways that he presents his ideas and opinions on becoming credible. This list includes being a two-time TEDx speaker and being named a Marshall Goldsmith’s Top100 Coach. All this to go along with being an international bestselling author of over 60 books. Now Mr. Levy has added to that list of accolades as Thinkers360 has recognized him with a Top Ten Badge for Business Continuity. This is an important honor because the Thinkers360 website is known for being the world’s first, largest, and most recognized marketplace for B2B thought leaders and influencers.

Those recognized with the website’s Top Ten Badges come from all walks of life. It’s a list that includes authors, academians, advisors, consultants, entrepreneurs, analysts, executives, and prominent motivational speakers. The Thinkers360 website described how it chooses someone to receive one of their prestigious Top Ten Badges for Business Continuity by stating, “The holder of this credential participated actively in building their profile, portfolio, and media kit on Thinkers360 and successfully placed within the Top 10 thought leaders and influencers in this category based on their personally authored content, awards, and recognition. Thinkers360 takes a holistic view of thought leaders and experts, beyond their social media activity, and looks across all their personas and all the types of thought leadership content they produce.” The Thinkers360 website has long provided a platform for thought leaders and it gives those that receive one of their coveted Top Ten Badges special recognition for one year from the date they were presented with it.

Levy had this to say upon receiving his Thinkers360 Top Ten Badge for Business Continuity, “Of the many forms of recognition I have received over the years on the ways I have come up with for people and businesses to become more credible, this is one of my most meaningful awards. That’s because Thinkers360 is a much-recognized platform for thought leaders that uses actual results from whose being followed the most on their website to determine who has earned the right to be given one of their prestigious Top Ten Badges.” He also admitted that things were not always easy for him when he first started Credibility Nation and being named among the top 10 thought leaders and influencers by the website shows that his perseverance and commitment to executive coaching have paid off.

Credibility Nation’s founder went on to talk more about how he became a global credibility expert. He started by saying that all people and businesses should have a common goal to become more credible so they can reap the benefits of all that goes along with that. That’s why he founded the Credibility Nation website which has since become the go-to online community for people that want to learn about and grow their credibility along with taking a memorable journey with others on a similar mission. It completes his vision of a place where people can trust, know, and like those around them and be in a safe environment where others support their journey to becoming credible.

The website came about after Levy took the time to interview 500 supposed online thought leaders on what having credibility means. Surprisingly, he says that after conducting these interviews he found that 98% of these people didn’t have the clarity to succinctly articulate their purpose, 80% were great in person but had a crappy online presence, and 23% even showed immediate disrespect by coming late to their interview. He then decided to create his Credibility Nation website with the goal in mind of helping business professionals become more believable, memorable, shareable, and have more integrity. This, in turn, will also lead them to become more credible. 

To help people live and work more credibly he has developed such useful tools as his 2-Day Ultimate Credibility Bootcamps. Levy says that those who would like to learn how they too can embark on a credibility journey can visit the Credibility Nation website to get valuable insight as to how to go about accomplishing this.

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