The Nurse’s Guide to Innovation: Accelerating the Journey Author: Bonnie Clipper

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The nursing profession has become more flexible and dynamic, and nurses can adopt new ideas that enable them to go beyond their traditional roles in the healthcare field. This is not surprising, given that they have the inherent talents, abilities, and knowledge that allow them to think outside the box. This has paved the way to a new experience in the name of nursing entrepreneurship: entreprenurse.

As with any other business, becoming an entreprenurse is possible by making step-by-step decisions. It won't happen overnight but it can. Are you the right person for this calling? Are you capable of building a culture of innovation? How do you live up to an innovator's mindset? These topics are all answered in "The Nurse's Guide to Innovation." Bonnie Clipper made sure that this book serves as a "how-to" guide for nurses, nurse leaders, and even other clinicians who want to make a difference through their inventions.

Becoming a successful entreprenurse requires sufficient training experience and perseverance to thrive and grow. Use this content as a practical approach to carry out your business, prepare, and plan. There are many opportunities waiting for those entreprenurses who live by their worth and value.

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