The Importance of Having a CPoP (Customer Point of Possibilities)

Credibility Nation(r), a Cupertino, CA-based company in the business of helping people represent themselves as more credible individuals, explains why everyone should have a CPoP. A CPoP, or Customer Point of Possibilities, is an expression of purpose where a person or business explains what they do and how they serve others. It is always changing as a person or business grows and evolves, and it provides customers with a summary of what to expect from them.

Global Credibility Expert Mitchell Levy of Credibility Nation says, “Your CPoP is your compass! It acts as your North Star to guide what you do on and offline. Your CPoP will make it easy for the ‘right’ prospects to feel aligned with you, and for the ‘right’ partners to easily and willingly want to share ‘you.’”

A well-written CPoP succinctly explains who the person or business serves as a customer and how they serve them in 10 words or less. Generally, a CPoP is between one and ten words and includes the class of customers served as well as the problem or aspiration point the person or business addresses. A good one is short, memorable, shareable and makes customers want to ask for more information. A CPoP also lends a certain level of credibility to a company, making it so customers are more likely to trust that they can do business and get exactly the kind of service they need.

Credibility Nation specializes in helping both businesses and business owners build their credibility and thus become more trustworthy and authentic in the eyes of customers. By teaching business owners how to articulate themselves through a CPoP — helping them prove that they are good at what they do — the credibility of these individuals will remain unquestionable even when they are not present to uphold it. One of the many ways Credibility Nation achieves their goals is via The Ultimate Credibility Bootcamp, a credibility training program aimed at bringing together various business owners to share their knowledge and experiences with one another in an effort to develop their businesses.

Once participants go through the bootcamp and check out the organization’s other resources, Credibility Nation says they will be able to articulate their CPoP in seconds and thus will immediately catch their audience’s attention. Notably, participants will gain access to a specialized CPoP course when they join the bootcamp.

In the bootcamp, they will also learn how to boost their word-of-mouth marketing every time they converse with a prospect — they will essentially utilize a common language that will make them feel more familiar to high-value prospects as well as partners. In other words, they will be able to passively attract the individuals and entities they most want to work with.

The bootcamp provides access to an authentic community of people who are interested in helping one another become the best versions of themselves in a safe and fun learning environment. They will experience a sense of community where they can talk about and share anything without fearing judgment. Like any business-related event, it is an excellent opportunity for networking and masterminding. Business owners will benefit from connecting with other business professionals and discussing issues that they would not normally have the opportunity to explore elsewhere. Lastly, attendees will learn how they can make an impact. By having the opportunity to share their thoughts and experiences, business owners will learn that their input matters — and that simple actions can make a world of difference in people’s lives.

Global Credibility Expert Mitchell Levy also offers a one-on-one coaching session to craft one’s CPoP. To learn more, visit Mitchell Levy and Credibility Nation has already done a great deal for business owners, and they are interested in helping more people start growing in their respective fields.

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