Saying “Stop It!” in More than 100 Languages

Do you have an irrational fear, worry too much, and get stuck in a cycle of dread and insecurity? Many people do. In a study published by, about 12 percent of Americans have extreme paranoia, and about 33 percent have had paranoid feelings at some point in their life.

Who can you turn to for help? Try Bob Newhart! He has the best advice anyone can ever get, and it seems to work!

Repeat this phrase every day and your worries will soon go away: Stop it!

Two simple words to end your misery: Stop it!

We’ve translated this simple advice into more than 100 languages and turned it into a user-friendly phrase AHAbook. It makes sense for people to know when and how to stop, but the most important is just stopping.

Doubtful? Stop it!

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Here are five translations. Why don’t you go directly to the AHAbook and share more of them on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or G+:

  1. Hou op! (Stop It! in Afrikaans) — in more than 100 languages @BobNewhart [click to tweet]
  2. Přestaň! (Stop It! in Czech) — in more than 100 languages @BobNewhart [click to tweet]
  3. Arrêtez-le! (Stop It! in French) — in more than 100 languages @BobNewhart [click to tweet]
  4. Non prohibere! (Stop It! in Latin) — in more than 100 languages @BobNewhart [click to tweet]

Kes şunu! (Stop It! in Turkish) — in more than 100 languages @BobNewhart [click to tweet]

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