Saying “Happy Valentine’s Day!” in More than 100 Languages

This week’s five Ahas are from the AHAbook™, Happy Valentine’s Day! If you want to share something special, just drop the url “” in their social media update area.AAEAAQAAAAAAAAwUAAAAJDBmMGJjMTNiLTFhMWItNGZiZS04Njk3LTg5YTgzNWMzNjBhOA - Copy

Have you ever been hit by Mr. Cupid’s arrow that you fell truly, madly, and deeply in love with someone? Are you happily married, still enjoying the single life, or in the stage of moving on from a broken relationship?

Well, whether or not you have found your perfect valentine, celebrate this special day in one way or another with the most important people in your life – your partner, family, friends, and loved ones! Greet each one of them a “Happy Valentine’s Day!” and share this greeting to others as well by using over 100 translations from this AHAbook. Let this day of hearts inspire you to love more than hate and cherish the beauty that life brings! Give gifts, flowers, or chocolates to the person who is most dear to your heart! Spread love in every part of the world by sharing the following url:!

Here are five translations. Why don’t you go directly to the AHAbook and share more of them on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or G+:

  1. Joyeuse Saint-Valentin! (Happy Valentine’s Day! in French) — in more than 100 languages [click to tweet]
  2. Maligayang Araw ng mga Puso! (Happy Valentine’s Day! in Filipino) — in more than 100 languages [click to tweet]
  3. Selamat Hari Valentine! (Happy Valentine’s Day! in Indonesian) — in more than 100 languages [click to tweet]
  4. main galar Valentine Day ko! (Happy Valentine’s Day! in Burmese) — in more than 100 languages [click to tweet]
  5. Glad alla hjärtans dag! (Happy Valentine’s Day! in Swedish) — in more than 100 languages [click to tweet]

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