Redefining Traditional Japanese Leadership with these 5 AHAs from Kenny Kaneko

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The role of a leader in companies, organizations, and associations is of vital importance. The success of a team is often measured by how organized the leader is. This book provides ways to stand out at the start of the leadership line. It explains issues that are happening every single day and redefines traditional leadership in the global world.

Kenny Kaneko has been part of the leadership at several American Global IT companies for twenty years. He has built and run multinational groups with people coming from around ten different countries.

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  1. In a Japanese culture, there’s always an opportunity to optimize a process to make it smaller, faster & more reliable. @jpn_globleader [click to tweet]
  2. Motivating by telling others what to do every day is not a good way. It’s an old style of managing. #GlobalWorld @jpn_globleader [click to tweet]
  3. If you stick to one culture, you are unconsciously bringing your own context that doesn’t work in a #GlobalWorld. @jpn_globleader [click to tweet]
  4. In the #GlobalWorld, attitudes are built by different education styles. Don’t stick to your own expectations. @jpn_globleader [click to tweet]
  5. You have to know who your team is. It is a great opportunity to manage them differently. #GlobalWorld @jpn_globleader [click to tweet]

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