‘Prepare For The Real World: The World Is Not A Safe Place’ Hits The Market

Cupertino, CA based THiNKaha is extremely pleased to share that the Kindle edition of Prepare for The Real World: The World Is Not a Safe Place can now be ordered online. Seeking to describe the world as it is rather than what many prefer it to be, author Brian Searcy attempts to help readers find out how they can capitalize on their native skillset and improve their awareness of the world around them. Those interested in learning more will be pleased to discover that “Prepare For The Real World, The World Is Not A Safe Place” is available here on Amazon.

In his book, Searcy pulls on a vast array of experiences, stemming both from his personal life as well as a proud career as a former Air Force Colonel and now the founder and CEO of The Paratus Group. His ideas on situational awareness explore how difficult decisions and obstacles in life can be approached so as to give the individual the highest chances of a productive outcome, no matter the context. In his time, Searcy has tried and tested all these ideas at home, in the military, and in his business. He has observed on countless occasions that maintaining situational awareness is often the key to unlocking the best solutions.

Every action — even the mere act of existing — he explains, can be represented as a risk, and the threat of these risks can range from relatively benign challenges to existential perils. While many problems can be dealt with, the secret often lies in the ability to see them coming. Situational awareness, in other words, can expose answers that others might have missed, and the individual can prepare in time to deal with the threat directly or head it off entirely if they catch it early enough in its formation.

Despite having just launched, the book already has a growing base of ardent readers who are keen to put its lessons into practice. “This is an important book that can prepare the average person for life in a world that has increasingly become more and more dangerous,” comments Sherry B. in their Amazon review. “Brian Searcy brings logic and reason gained from a long career in the service of his country to equip his readers in the area of situational awareness. The sound steps he teaches are made even more user-friendly by this innovative THINKaha system that allows the reader to easily access a video of the author speaking to each section’s key points. This is a must-read for anyone wanting to make himself or herself more aware and hone the ability to assess a situation and make what could be a life-saving decision.”

Daniel L. also expresses the belief that the book effectively conveys a practical perspective of pitfalls that are inherent to the modern world. Crucially, describing the problem is only the first step. The review says that the book also offers solutions that readers can begin implementing immediately. “As always, Brian delivers advice and teachings to keep us safer in a crazy world. We may not always be able to stop people from doing bad things, but we can control and manage how we react. Brian shares ways to not only recognize certain behaviors and situations before they become worse, but what to do once we find ourselves, or someone else, in a bad place. This is a valuable read for everyone.”

Searcy encourages his readers to begin laying the foundation for a lifetime of habits that will grow with practice. While situational awareness may not spring forth on command today, it can be nurtured, and there is no downside to widening one’s perspective of the world. Even a little situational awareness can go a long way, giving people the ability to greatly reduce their risk of being victimized in various areas of life. ‘Prepare for The Real World: The World Is Not a Safe Place’ shows its readers how.

The Kindle edition of ‘Prepare for The Real World: The World Is Not a Safe Place’ can now be purchased on Amazon for $0.99 (with hardcover also available for $24.95). The book comes highly recommended, both by readers as well as those who are familiar with the sheer potential of Brian Searcy’s lessons.

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