#PHStudents Rev It Up on Social Media, Hits 1,000+ Shares on Aha Amplifier

The first Filipino #AhaBook authored by a group of young students and their teacher from the Ateneo De Davao University just made it to the list of top books on AhaAmplifier.com as it hit 1,000+ shares on June 14.

Originally designed as a class project of 72 mass communication students taking up social media for business, Social Media Works for Filipino Students was published on May 19 as one of the free online AhaBooks powered by Aha Amplifer™.

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Subtitled as “140 Reasons why students in the Philippines love social media”, the #AhaBook is a helpful reference for college students to learn about how to best use social media for business and in their daily activities.

Mitchell Levy, CEO of THiNKaha Chief Aha Instigator of the Aha Amplier tweeted “I love what @ceciliarodriguez and her students were able to do with this AhaBook” as he encouraged Cecilia Rodriguez, curator of the book and professor to the young authors, to keep sharing the #AhaBook.

Renown #ThoughtLeaders and top social media influencers have favorited and shared aha messages from the book, including @loriruff, @TedRubin and @KareAnderson.

In the book description, the authors noted that while the Philippines has been tagged as the social media capital of the world, “there is clearly a gnawing gap between using social media and really understanding it as a tool for progress, because the Philippines remains one of the world’s poorest nations.”

The book uses #PHStudents to encourage all Filipino university students to download and share the book to help upgrade the use of social media in the country as a tool for social growth.

There are close to 25,000 AhaMessages from more than 164 AhaBooks on the Aha Amplifer.

Read & Share AhaMessages from “Social Media Works for Filipino Students” http://aha.pub/SocMediaFilipinos-AhaBook

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