Live a Life of Purpose with Passion: 5 Ahas from Linda Freeman


This week’s five Ahas are from the AhaBook™, Linda Freeman on #IAMTHRIVING. We all desire to live a life of purpose with passion but oftentimes we lack direction. Linda Pulley Freeman wrote the book Thrive! out of her personal struggles and victories in discovering her own inner life while juggling her roles as an engineer, wife, mom, ordained minister, mentor, community organizer, and program developer. This Aha Amplifier™ book will provide readers with inspirational thoughts and motivational concepts to energize them to action.AAEAAQAAAAAAAAVJAAAAJDY0NzZlM2VmLTVlOTItNDY5ZC1hYTViLWNmYjVlZjNkMTBlMg

Share some of the AhaMessages™ below, and then read and share the entire book via the Aha Amplifier:

  1. There is something inside of you waiting to unfold. There is no better time than now to discover what that is. #Thrive! @IAmThrivingOrg #tll [click to tweet]
  2. Live with your mind open to new ideas through reading books, learning skills, meeting people, and visiting places. #Thrive! @IAmThrivingOrg #tll[click to tweet]
  3. Being #resilient includes building a strong support system of friends, family, and community resources. @IAmThrivingOrg #tll [click to tweet]
  4. The most effective #goals are well-defined with estimates of the time and resources needed. @IAmThrivingOrg #tll [click to tweet]
  5. Emotional #power comes through nurturing healthy #relationships with your family, friends, and co-workers. @IAmThrivingOrg #tll [click to tweet]

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