Learn the Right Way of Doing Cause Marketing: 5 AHAs from Thought Leaders

This week’s five Ahas are from the AHAbook™, Cause Marketing Essentials and the Road to Success.

Cause marketing is a broad subject. But in a nutshell, you can say that if done right, it benefits the cause, the community, and the company. But how do you get there? Cause marketing is a long process. It takes a series of decision-making, coordination, hard work, and passion.AAEAAQAAAAAAAAiSAAAAJDc1NTExN2UxLTQ3ZTgtNDliZC05YWNkLTIyYWJkNWU1YjdiNA

The AHAbook, Cause Marketing Essentials and the Road to Success, gives you a clear picture of what cause marketing is all about. It gives you plenty of tips and guidance for every step in the process. The book not only shows you how to properly set up your cause, but more importantly, it teaches you how to be successful in whatever cause you chose and how to stay on top of things without feeling burned out.

Share some of the AHAmessages™ below, and then read and share the entire book via AHAthat:

  1. The goal of cause marketing is to elevate your company while helping your community and society. @kamichat #TLL [click to tweet]
  2. If you’re on digital technology, you may use a 3-pronged approach to reach people: Educate. Socialize. Be User Driven. @phaware #TLL [click to tweet]
  3. Deciding to use cause marketing as a brand is a process. Don’t take shortcuts. @kamichat #TLL [click to tweet]
  4. A happy, healthy nonprofit is one that is achieving their intended impact without internal burnout. @Kanter #TLL [click to tweet]
  5. Cause marketing is evolving. Today, people want to be fully informed about what you’re going to do w/ their money. @davecause #TLL [click to tweet]

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