Knowing Your Superpowers Is the Key to Your Success in a Changing World – 5 AHAs from Marianne Roux

People in the new world of work often find themselves lost in a world that changes fast and requires constant learning and change. But you do not need to be a victim of this change. Instead, you can develop key mindsets and behaviours (let’s call them human superpowers) that can help you thrive instead of survive the challenges.

In this book, Marianne Roux uncovers the human skills needed by every individual, team, and organisation to thrive in the new world of work. She researched the psychological and behavioural methods and tools used in mindset, behavioural and brain theory and practice over the last 25 years and narrowed them down to six essentials.

This book will help you have a deep understanding of your own mindsets, behaviours, and habits and how to shift them to help you thrive in the new world of work. Mindsets like curiosity, agility, and growth spell the difference between an average and a successful individual and team. Behaviours like healthy self-awareness, positive and clear relationships and grit, positivity, and resilience can turn you into someone who thrives on change and challenge.

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  •  The new world of work is technology-driven and complex. If you want to #Thrive, you need to step up and use your #Superpowers to become more complex yourself. [click to tweet]
  •  Sometimes, we fear our own greatness more than we fear our shortcomings. Don't let fear keep you from being the best version of yourself. #Superpowers [click to tweet]
  •  People have more access to information and learning now than ever. However, many of us don't spend the time to reflect and learn. You need to be a self-driven learner and reflect to #Thrive in the new world of work. [click to tweet]
  • Most of what you need to #Thrive in this new world of work is already inside you. You need to acknowledge your #Superpowers and work on it. [click to tweet]
  • The new world of work calls for agile mindsets, behaviours, and tools that help you thrive rather than survive. Become a master of your journey by maintaining your superpowers. #PersonalAgility [click to tweet]

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