Inspire People to Get on Board with Your Vision: 5 AHAs from Dr. Laura Sicola

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Let’s face it: Leadership is more than a role, it’s an image, and the way that you communicate — to anyone and everyone — will either reinforce your leadership image in their mind, or sabotage it. You’ve heard the expression, “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.” The truth is: if you want to be a master of influence, it’s both.

This is the fast-track handbook from Dr. Laura Sicola, PhD (@LauraSicola) to launch you to successfully conquering her Three Cs: Command the room, Connect with your audience and Close the deal, and becoming a Master of Influence.

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1.      Leadership is an image. If people don’t perceive you as a true leader, you’re just the boss. #LeadershipImage @LauraSicola [click to tweet]

2.      The way you speak will either strengthen your image or undermine it. Take control now. @LauraSicola [click to tweet]

3.      To become the person you want to be, you have to know the weaknesses keeping you from achieving it. #CommunicationIsKey #SelfAwareness @LauraSicola [click to tweet]

4.      The Three #ChannelsOfCommunication are the Verbal, Vocal, and Visual channels. They must work together for maximum #Influence. @LauraSicola [click to tweet]

5.      Don’t just be a figurehead, #BeAVisionary. How? Learn how to communicate your vision to others. #LeadershipVision @LauraSicola [click to tweet]

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