I’m Happy, I Voted! in More than 100 Languages

Who’s the next president? Make your voice count and tell the world about it… and when you vote, please share this url http://aha.pub/iVoted in your social stream. Be proud that you participated in the democratic process. That you were able to share your voice.AAEAAQAAAAAAAAiWAAAAJDcxMzYzNDIxLWI0MjgtNDE5OS1iNmEyLTYwZDE5Y2UyNmUxMA

When you share the url in social, an image showing you voted will pop up and those that click on it will go to a book that has the phrase “I’m Happy, I Voted!” in 100+ languages. What better way to show that you got to contribute your share your voice.

AHAthat has created another AHAbook that is part of their latest service which is taking a phrase that you’re known for, or want to be known for, and creates an AHAbook with that phrase in over 100 languages. This time it is an expression you can say after you’ve cast your vote!

Truly, voting is a cumbersome process. It may take months to hear campaigns from candidates running for a position. It may take hours to read the materials in casting your ballot. However, it only takes a few minutes to write your chosen candidates; and probably, just a few seconds to seal and submit it for the election poll.

Aren’t you excited to see how the results will come out? Would it be great if you are able to contribute to the democracy of your beloved Motherland? Share I’m Happy, I Voted! in more than 100 languages enclosed in this AHAbook. Let other people from all corners of the globe know that you’re glad because you have finally casted your vote. Keep your hopes up for nothing but only the best when the judgment day comes.

Here are five translations. Why don’t you go directly to the AHAbook and share more of them on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or G+:

  1. Ik ben Gelukkig, stemde ik! (I’m Happy, I Voted! in Dutch) — in more than 100 languages. http://aha.pub/iVoted [click to tweet]
  2. Olen onnellinen, olen äänestänyt! (I’m Happy, I Voted! in Finnish) — in more than 100 languages. http://aha.pub/iVoted [click to tweet]
  3. אני שמח, אני הצבעתי! (I’m Happy, I Voted! in Hebrew) — in more than 100 languages. http://aha.pub/iVoted [click to tweet]
  4. 나는 행복 해요, 투표! (I’m Happy, I Voted! in Korean) — in more than 100 languages. http://aha.pub/iVoted [click to tweet]
  5. Sunt fericit, am votat! (I’m Happy, I Voted! in Romanian) — in more than 100 languages. http://aha.pub/iVoted [click to tweet]

I’m Happy, I Voted! is available via AHAthat.You can see all 140 AHAs and share one or more of them socially at I’m Happy, I Voted! (Start sharing great quotes along with other amazing AHAleaders at a click of a button. AHAthat gives you access to great content for free within seconds.)

Also, check out http://aha.pub/phrases for our growing library of phrase books which are absolutely fun to share.

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