How to Be Courageous, Authentic, and Committed in All Aspects of Life: 5 Ahas from @GershonMader

This week’s five Ahas are from the AhaBook™ Gershon Mader on #Leading and Living CourageouslyGershon Mader is an expert at designing and implementing strategic plans, large-scale cultural change efforts, and team and leadership development programs. The AhaMessages found in this book are collection of his insights in these areas.AAEAAQAAAAAAAAahAAAAJDkzZDBkODMzLTkyY2YtNDFkOS04NTU2LTc2MDU3MjM2ZGU1Nw

Living courageously is immensely powerful and rewarding, but it requires practice. This AhaBook will inspire you to lead with courage and live with authenticity, aligning with your true commitments and aspirations.

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  1. By approaching conversations with #gratitude, you are more likely to listen, rather than simply wait for your turn to talk. @GershonMader [click to tweet]
  2. End each day by #journaling four things you accomplished that day, and four things you’re #blessed by or #grateful for. @GershonMader [click to tweet]
  3. In order to reinvent yourself, you must stay the course and trust the process, even when it feels counter-intuitive. #Courage @GershonMader [click to tweet]
  4. To build an authentic, #courageous environment, #leaders must be willing to put hallway conversations on the table. @GershonMader [click to tweet]
  5. It takes #courage to be honest with ourselves about what we really want. And it takes courage to make it happen. @GershonMader [click to tweet]

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