How Health Innovators Maximize Market Success: Strategies to Launch and Commercialize Healthcare Innovations – 5 AHAs from Dr. Roxie Mooney

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Health innovators and health care start-ups have a common need: to overcome the challenges of commercialization and to have market success. Obstacles to commercialization are downright expected. Pure grit, hard work and commitment are essential keys to success – but without proper awareness and ample preparation, the obstacles in commercializing health care innovations will knock down even the most hardworking and persevering ones. 

Market success in healthcare innovation is hard but not impossible. In this handy book, health innovators will find not only strategic factors to consider but many powerful words to encourage them to stay on the course and not give up. Arming oneself with a growth mindset, wisdom and proper skills, the challenges along the way will become surmountable. Healthcare innovators’ success is the world’s success because their innovations change the world for the better.

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  • #Commercialization is the most critical stage of the #HealthcareInnovation process, but it is often the least well-managed stage. [click to tweet]
  • If you want to successfully #Commercialize your #HealthcareInnovation, start with the problem, not the technology. [click to tweet]
  • #Commercialization is the process of converting ideas, research, and concepts into viable #HealthcareInnovations that obtain customer acceptance, cross into mainstream adoption, and generate financial return. [click to tweet]
  • Remember, early adopters buy based on emotion, and the mainstream market justifies their purchase based on logic. The #Branding of your #HealthcareInnovation has to touch your audience's emotional and logical sides.  [click to tweet]
  •  There are 4 times as many nurses in the healthcare field as doctors, but rarely is their input included in the #ProductDevelopment process. Successful #HealthInnovators don't overlook this segment. [click to tweet]

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