Grow your Business and Happiness with the Power of Credibility!

Have a New-Found Understanding of Credibility and How it Can Help You Succeed in Life and Business

Mitchell Levy, Global Credibility expert, spent the last year interviewing 500 thought leaders on their credibility. It’s amazing what he learned about what’s actually going on around the world. There’s complete chaos and lack of credibility!

Credibility is the answer. Of course, what we mean is the new definition of credibility, not the definition in the dictionary. The word “credibility” is only one-third accurate in the dictionary today. The dictionary says that credibility is “the quality of being trusted.” Credibility and trust is not the same thing.

After having interviewed 500 thought leaders about credibility, Mitchell Levy learned that credibility is bigger and more powerful than that.

Here is Mitchell's simple definition of credibility:

Credibility is being known, being likeable, and being trustworthy.

  •  Whereas BEING KNOWN is demonstrating your desire to serve others as well as transparently showing your intent, demonstrating your commitment, and sharing your integrity.
  •  Whereas BEING LIKEABLE is transparently sharing your “stage” and showing respect by “showing up when you show up”.
  • Whereas BEING TRUSTWORTHY is showing up as your authentic self, demonstrating integrity in all you say and do, showing your vulnerability, and being coachable in every situation.

If you want people to want to find you, seek help from you, and want to do business with you, credibility is the key. It will change the way you perceive not just your business – not just how you show up in your business – but how you show up in your life.

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