Feel Safe Again and Get Back in Control: 5 AHAs from Marge Powers

This week’s five AHAs are from the AHAbook™, Marge Powers on Fear. Please share this url “aha.pub/Fear” in your social media status update to let your friends know about it.AAEAAQAAAAAAAAunAAAAJDFiM2MwMTkzLTNjZmUtNDhjZC1hYTJlLTZiZTQyYWEyMWJmZg

Many people fear itself, but they should know that fear, anxiety, and stress are an integral part of people’s lives. One can’t go through life without feeling them. Fear along with angst, stress, and anxiety is natural. However, it doesn’t mean you should just fall prey to it and let it run your life. What needs to be done is to feel them, accept them, and learn how to make those feelings work for you.

One important fact you should know about fear is that it’s all in your mind. If you let it, it’s powerful enough to paralyze you or to hinder you from achieving the kind of life you want. It can keep you from enjoying each and every day of your life as it weighs you down. Marge Powers on Fear teaches you how to manage fear, anxiety, stress, and drama that’s surrounding you so that you can go around these negative emotions and still live the kind of life you have intended to live.

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  1. Fear is something that every human will experience at some time or another. @MargePowers2 [click to tweet]
  2. Fear sells. Scare tactics are stunningly effective. Advertisers and politicians play on our inherent fears. @MargePowers2 [click to tweet]
  3. If you avoid action because you are stuck in fear about the possibility of failure, you guarantee failure. @MargePowers2 [click to tweet]
  4. If you want to conquer the daily stress and anxiety of life, the first key is to live in the present, just BE here now. @MargePowers2 [click to tweet]
  5. You can believe whatever you want to believe. You might as well choose the beliefs that empower you and move forward. @MargePowers2 [click to tweet]

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