Enhance your Credibility and Help Win the War against Dubious Nation with “Credibility Nation”​ – 5 AHAs from Mitchell Levy

This week's five AHAs are from the AHAbook®, Credibility Nation. Please share this URL https://aha.pub/CredibilityNationAHAs in your social media status update to let your friends know about it.

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 For many years, a silent and important war has been fought between two nations. On the one side, there’s Credibility Nation which is composed of humans who go about life and their business with credibility and servant leadership. On the other side, there’s Dubious Nation which is composed of humans who live and conduct their business with self-interest as their highest priority.

 Dubious Nation is on a winning streak and is vanquishing Credibility Nation a thousand times over. It’s shocking to see how many people are forgetting how important it is to live and transact business in a credible way.We believe that there’s still hope. There’s still a way for Credibility Nation to win. It definitely won’t be easy, and it won’t happen in a day, but we can do it. It starts by learning what credibility is really about and how professionals can be seen as credible.

Here are some of the valuable AHA messages and then the entire book can be read and shared via AHAthat on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook:

Our hope is that this book will serve as a wake-up call, a reminder, and a blueprint for those who want to join me in this movement toward credibility.

Now, take a look at yourself. Are you more in alignment with Credibility Nation than Dubious Nation? Or maybe, it’s the other way around.

If you feel you're more dubious than credible, that’s okay. Don’t worry. There’s always room for change and transformation. There will always be people who will lend you a helping hand and guide you toward credibility.

The doors of Credibility Nation will always be open to those who are willing and ready to transform themselves into better human beings. It’s up to you to take that first step. Will you take it? We need you to be the human you know in your heart you want to be. Please join us in this epic battle against Dubious Nation.

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