Driving Foot Traffic to Physical Locations: 5 Ahas from Thought Leaders

This week’s five Ahas are from the AhaBook™ Driving Foot TrafficThis AhaBook is a compilation of AhaMessages from a month of Thought Leader Life Interviews. In this digital era, where online shopping has gained popularity as people find it more convenient to shop from the comfort of their homes, there’s a key question that arises: Is there still a need to drive foot traffic to a physical location? The quick answer is yes! Physical locations allow businesses to provide real, face-to-face customer experiences that drive loyalty and make the customer want to come back.AAEAAQAAAAAAAAUMAAAAJDQxMDJiZTIyLTc1N2UtNDI4ZS05Zjg0LWE5ZjhjYzdlY2IxNw

As you read and share this AhaBook, you will learn that physical locations are just a part of the whole business mix. Other factors that apply regardless of whether there are physical locations or not include brand building, maintaining customer relationships, delivering excellent customer experience, and advertising. Understanding each element will contribute to the success of your business. Read on to foster one or more Aha moments.

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  1. If you find your niche, you’re well on your way to having a successful company. @jeffshavitz #tll [click to tweet]
  2. In today’s world, we have incredibly innovative ways to deliver an extremely positive healthcare experience. @Nicklaus4Kids #tll [click to tweet]
  3. The real test of character is building relationships when you don’t need them. @ChiefSushiOfcr #tll [click to tweet]
  4. Even in today’s world, it’s still difficult to simulate a family experience virtually. @johncdunlap #tll [click to tweet]
  5. In today’s world, if you want your business to survive for the next 10 years, you have to be really creative. @bbeveridge #tll [click to tweet]

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