Credibility Bootcamp For Businesses Set To Kick Off On March 7

Cupertino, CA-based Credibility Nation is delighted to invite their community to participate in the Credibility Nation 5-Day Challenge. The Challenge officially begins on March 7, 2022. It will run Mon-Friday 4-5 pm PST, 7-8 pm EST, and all sessions will be recorded.  This Challenge is designed to build an intrinsic knowledge of personal worth, highlight some of the most crucial aspects of personal branding and give participants the general insight they need to trust in their own abilities. Notably, Credibility Nation emphasizes the fact that this 5-Day Challenge is completely free. All entrepreneurs are welcome, and encouraged, to participate. While non-members and members of Credibility Nation are equally welcome to join, the organization reminds members to log into their accounts to ensure they track their progress.  According to the minds behind Credibility Nation — and as their name suggests — this Challenge is meant to help people learn how to build their own credibility. In essence, a business’ success may rest on how credible it appears to its potential clients. The more reliable a brand appears to be, the more likely it is to draw clients. Trust, the organization explains, is a key part of this equation, and clients overwhelmingly report a preference for brands whose marketing and online/offline presence imply that this trust is well-placed. The organization states, “Learn, grow, and get multiple AHA moments on increasing your credibility.”  Each day in the 5-Day Challenge has a theme. On Day 1, participants will get the opportunity to learn more about communicating with clients in order to establish what their business offers. Day 2 will focus more on social media, helping participants take another look at their existing practices and perform a few key changes that will help them draw interest from more clients.  On occasion, a business will be endorsed by certain parties, either in client reviews and testimonials or by other parties in the industry that are known for being able to identify noteworthy enterprises. Day 3 will cover how a business can make the most of these endorsements, making sure the news is propagated as widely as possible and capitalizing on the credibility it lends.  Furthermore, it will sometimes be necessary for a business owner to create videos that illustrate what their business does and how effective it is, especially when compared to competitors. Participants will learn how to create such videos, including the right context and more, on Day 4. While it is important to maintain a high standard of credibility in such pieces of media, this standard has to be reflected across all of the business’ efforts, particularly those that are visible to the public. On the last day of the Challenge, Day 5, participants will discover new ways to present themselves more authentically to their clients and community at large, thereby earning more credibility with both clients and prospects.  Credibility Nation is the brainchild of Mitchell Levy, a Global Credibility Expert, after interviewing 500 thought leaders on credibility. He has partnered with Lucas Root, who has led numerous teams on Wall Street for nearly two decades to bring the challenge to light. Levy has had a long career creating no fewer than 20 businesses in Silicon Valley, a lineup that includes four publishing companies that have themselves published over 750 books to date. Levy himself is an illustrious author who has penned more than 60 books and served as an executive coach at Marshall Goldsmith’s 100 Coaches. His desire to share the benefit of his expansive knowledge and experience has led him to deliver two TEDx talks on associated subjects in addition to writing his books, one of which prominently was based on interviews with more than 500 thought leaders on credibility. This book went on to breach the bestsellers lists in seven countries. Today, he spends his time nurturing Credibility Nation, a community of like-minded individuals who are each at a different point in their personal journey towards credibility. On the other hand, Root capitalized on a string of success stories to launch his own consulting business that specializes in helping strong brands put the finishing touches on great, well-funded ideas and execute them as necessary. For the past few years, Root has spent his time sharing his insight with numerous communities as well, and he has delivered talks to audiences in North America, Australia, and Europe. He has also partnered with both businesses and venture capitalists for mentoring.

Credibility Nation is pleased to confirm that participants stand a chance to win certain prizes just by engaging with the challenges. For instance, one prize is a daily shoutout — Credibility Nation will create a post about the participant’s business on Facebook and LinkedIn and encourage their audience to give it their attention. Another prize has Levy himself offering to look at the business owner’s LinkedIn profile and contribute his opinion on three areas to focus on that will make the profile stand out. Last but not least, the organization will host a short video interview illustrating the business’ audience, capabilities and why people should trust in them. In other words, it will highlight their credibility. More information about this and more can be found on the official Credibility Nation website. Read further here: Credibility Nation Membership Site To Learn, Grow, And Surround Yourself With Credible People.

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