Create a Positive Organization Where Employees Thrive: 5 AHAs from S. Chris Edmonds and Lisa Zigarmi

This week’s five Ahas are from the AHAbook™, Chris Edmonds and Lisa Zigarmi on Positivity at Work.

Expert organizational psychologists S. Chris Edmonds and Lisa Zigarmi have observed how positive organizations empower the people who work within them, while providing meaningful contributions to society. In Chris Edmonds and Lisa Zigarmi on Positivity at Work, they define and describe a positive workplace, and then go on to show how to engender positive emotions, relationships, and health at work. Enabling positivity at work is not simple. This designed-for-action book is a perfect guide, one that will help you create a healthy and positive work environment where every individual can contribute, succeed, and thrive.AAEAAQAAAAAAAAdtAAAAJDBhYWIzMDJlLTIyOTQtNGJkYi05M2Y4LTMzM2MzYWI1MmEyYg

Share some of the AHAmessages™ below, and then read and share the entire book via AHAthat:

  1. Organizations are centers for human relatedness. They allow people to serve a purpose beyond themselves. [click to tweet]
  2. Positivity enables employees to own their good work, feel joy in skill application, & examine ways to do more & better. [click to tweet]
  3. Great teams connect quickly, briefly, daily in a morning ritual to update progress, identify gaps, & celebrate efforts. [click to tweet]
  4. “How” something is achieved is as important as “what” is achieved. What qualities do you live along the path to delivery? [click to tweet]
  5. Nothing validates accomplishment like seeing your work leveraged by others. Learn what others need from you, and deliver. [click to tweet]

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