Continuously Improve Business Operations – 5 AHAs from John Ballis

This week's five AHAs are from the AHA book®, Rapid ROI: Mobilizing a Sustainable Improvement Journey. Please share this URL in your social media status update to let your friends know about it.

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Continuous improvement is a constant pursuit to evolve and be better. It’s a never-ending cycle that companies must be in to achieve lower operational costs and increased customer satisfaction.

Corporations that can’t figure out how to continuously improve may become non-competitive and sometimes go out of business. Competition is never idle. Therefore, companies must not only improve, but they must also do so at a more rapid pace than their competition to thrive.

Global Credibility Expert, Mitchell Levy, and John will also be doing a Facebook live on January 8 at 9 AM PST where they will be talking more about this book. Join them here!

Here are a couple of the powerful AHA messages you can share from this book:

●      Every corporation has to continually improve because the competition is not sitting idle. Any corporation that doesn't care about #ContinuousImprovement will soon be obsolete. [click to tweet]

●      The change of culture and processes toward #ContinuousImprovement has to happen at every level. But it has to start at the top: from the CEO. [click to tweet]

●      Corporations that #ContinuallyImprove: 1) reduce costs, 2) improve quality, and 3) maintain on-time and complete delivery to customers. [click to tweet]

●      The #ROI of #ContinuousImprovement comes from saving money through a highly engaged culture. This culture mobilizes employees to reduce cost and improve quality every single day. [click to tweet]

●      The competition is doing some form of #ContinuousImprovement every day. Corporations that are not creating something more sustainable than their competitors are bound to lose. [click to tweet]

In this book, John Ballis coaches CEOs and managers on how to create a highly engaged employee culture that will ultimately lead to a state of sustainability. This kind of culture will help the corporation sustain high satisfaction scores from customers because their workforce delivers products that are on time and complete and have the best quality.

Rapid ROI: Mobilizing a Sustainable Improvement Journey is part of the THiNKaha series, the slim and handy books that contain 140 well-thought-out AHA messages. Increase your online influence by picking up AHAthat, and easily share quotes from this book on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn via this link:

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