Business in Trouble? Who Wouldn’t Want a 24-Hour Turnaround?

Small businesses serve as important constituents of America’s largest corporations. They are the major contributors to the strength of local economies and stimulate growth by providing a large number of employment opportunities. Often very customer-oriented, these small businesses have the ability to adapt quickly to the ever-changing economic conditions.

Authors Jeffrey S. Davis and Mark Cohen released a second edition of their book, “The 24-Hour Turnaround” that focuses on stories and experiences of small- and family-controlled entrepreneurial business success. This book provides a blueprint for entrepreneurs and highlights efficient entrepreneurial styles, innovations, and strategies that other business leaders can use in their goal towards achieving overall and continuous success.

Innovation is feasible in small businesses. Their employees normally work in close proximity and learn about their customers’ needs in the first place. They survive and flourish for many different reasons – from developing personal relationships to inventiveness, low overheads, and their flexibility to respond to problems and challenges.

The second edition of this successful book is now available on Amazon in hardcover, paperback, and Kindle versions:

In addition, the two authors also released a companion book entitled “Jeffrey Davis and Mark Cohen on The 24-Hour Turnaround.” This book contains 140 AHAmessages in a Twitter-sized format and serves as an inspirational and practical guide for business leaders or entrepreneurs who dream of achieving a successful business amidst the challenges of an uncertain economic market.

Here are five of the encouraging AHAmessages from this book:

  1. In 24 hours, make a quick and concrete change for your company. It can have a lasting effect. @BizOnTheRadio [click to tweet]
  2. Who are entrepreneurs? They are the engine that fuels job growth in a country. @BizOnTheRadio [click to tweet]
  3. Building a business is understanding that it’s a matter of what people want to buy, not what you’re selling them. [click to tweet]
  4. Being an entrepreneur means never really dealing with survival. That makes entrepreneurship not that risky. [click to tweet]
  5. For leaders to better diagnose themselves, their organizations, and their marketplace, use the 24-Hour Principles as a guide. @BizOnTheRadio [click to tweet]

The book is available on Amazon in hardcover, paperback, and Kindle versions:

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