Bring Manufacturing Back to America: 5 Ahas from the Reshoring Institute

This week’s five Ahas are from the AhaBook™, Reshoring Institute on Bringing Manufacturing Back to AmericaReshoring manufacturing is a hot topic for executives across America. Bringing back manufacturing can help rebuild our industrial foundation and stabilize the economy by rebuilding the middle class. There is a great deal of buzz on all these topics related to Reshoring.AAEAAQAAAAAAAAdCAAAAJGY1MzRjZjgxLWVmOWUtNGRiMC1hMzJkLTViZDNmNjA3NWM4ZQ

Want a quick read that will help you think about the issues? Reshoring Institute on Bringing Manufacturing Back to America includes 140 bite-sized ideas for Reshoring discussions. A quick read with useful tweets, this book is about the positive aspects of why bringing manufacturing back to America is important. It will inspire ideas and approaches for companies wanting to increase or start manufacturing in America. It will help you and your team with thought starters, quotes, and brainstorming.

Assembled by the Reshoring experts at the Reshoring Institute, this is a collection of smart quotes and short sentences for use in all of your Reshoring work.

Share some of the AhaMessages™ below, and then read and share the entire book via the Aha Amplifier:

  1. Investing in American #manufacturing is an investment in growth and an investment in the future. @ReshoringTeam [click to tweet]
  2. Reshoring will aid the imbalance and destruction brought by aggressive globalization. @ReshoringTeam [click to tweet]
  3. Leaving China isn’t as easy as shutting the doors and turning off the lights. @ReshoringTeam [click to tweet]
  4. Reshoring is part of the process of integrating technologies, automation, and robotics in our lives. @ReshoringTeam [click to tweet]
  5. Bring jobs back to America! Reshoring is a solution to the diminishing middle class. @ReshoringTeam [click to tweet]

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