AHAthat as a Promotional Tool (Kickstarter at 150% of Goal)

AHAthat is the first 100% curated thought leadership (AHAleadership) platform for sharing, authoring and promoting quality bite-size quotes. In addition to sharing AHAleadership from yourself or from our authors, you can use this platform to advertise your conferences, campaigns & events. Using an alpha version of the tool we’re funding with the Kickstarter (http://aha.pub/kickstarter), we’ve seen some very exciting results by being at 150% of goal.AAEAAQAAAAAAAAiMAAAAJDEzNDJlOTlkLTVkZmYtNDFiMC04NTM2LWU0MzA5NmM5ODQ2Mw

It’s so easy! Just create an AHAbook that contains bite-sized quotes about your event and then use the platform for you and your fan base to share content from it. There is no need to write your tweets and post every time you want to promote on different social media platforms. With AHAthat, you can easily share with just a click of a button!

AHAthat used an AHAbook to promote the AHAblaster Kickstarter campaign,AHAthat the AHAblaster Kickstarter.  Here are some of the AHAmessages™ found on this AHAbook:

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AHAthat the AHAblaster Kickstarter is available via AHAthat. You can see the rest of the AHAs at AHAthat the AHAblaster Kickstarter and may want to consider having an AHAbook for your next event.

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