Aha Amplifer (Web-Based App) to Activate & Amplify Your Messages

Recently, we at THiNKaha did a soft launch of the THiNKaha web-based app, the Aha Amplifer! The THiNKaha web team and I have been working on this app for some time and I’m excited that it’s ready for public consumption. Once you sign up (it’s free!), you automatically get three free books, #MOJO tweet by Marshall Goldsmith, Bud Bilanich on Success, and my book Mitchell Levy on Creating Thought Leaders. (These’ll be located in the “My Books” tab and every other book that you purchase or download for free from the THiNKaha Shop will appear under this tab.)

Your aha moment is right around the corner. You can read each book with all 140 “ahas” in order, or you can randomize the ahas by clicking on the “Surprise Me” button and you’ll get a random one to read and share! You only need one aha moment to completely change your day.

The main point of the Aha Amplifier is message activation and amplification. Each aha is sharable via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. When you share great content from authors such as Ted Rubin, you get favorites, retweets, and shares…all of which help improve your Klout score (e.g., your influence in the marketplace).

Julio Viskovich one of the top 30 social media influencers in the world according to Forbes, says that the [Aha] Amplifier is “Scalable, Repeatable Thought Leadership!”

So go ahead and register and start reading and sharing with your network! Who knows, you may be inspired to author your own book so you can get your message amplified in the marketplace.