Activating Your Social Media Messages

One of the thought leader best practices today is having a group of friends that help activate each others messages across social media platforms. It’s the old PIF (Pay It Forward) model where you all share each others networks to activate and amplify each others messages. Here are three simple steps to put a program like this in place and execute it over and over:

1.) Pull the group together and nurture it over time.
2.) Write a clear “ask” and make it easy for others to help you.

3.) Give shout outs to those that help, and share a follow-up on the status of what was activated.

This post covers #2 and will not address #s 1 and 3.

We are all so busy. So, if you’re going to ask a busy person to help you, it’s important that you make the “ask” easy to understand. When I’m asked to help, I want to read a one-paragraph description of what they want activated and I want to see a series of Twitter, Facebook and Google+ messages that I can choose from to activate. Fairly simple.

Here’s an example of an event that I’m right in the middle of activating.
I’m teaching a MOOC (Massively Open Online Course) called “Rapid Book Publishing for Educators” starting on November 18. On November 8, I sent a message to the 20 folks that activate each other (see message below). I gave a clear “ask” and stated that we had 350 students signed up for the MOOC and that I wanted to move it to over 500. It worked. On November 13, I sent another message with a quick status of the campaign and a request for further activation. As we had gone over 500 in those five days, it was worth celebrating as that celebration would help get attract others. I also included two additional tweets that everyone could be proud sharing.

As you can see, I tried really hard to make it as easy for those that I asked for help, to help me without spending too much time. I then let them know how much I appreciate their help and support.

Try it, it works.


Message sent on November 13:
I wanted to follow through and say thanks as we hit the goal and have over 500 students registered. If you played a part in helping, thanks! If you haven’t, there’s still time. I’ve added two more tweets and reattached the messages. Thank you in advance for lending a hand. Have a great rest of week and let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you.


Message sent on November 8:
Hi Team,

Through the non-profit I’m the executive director of, I’m teaching a free MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) through Canvas, one of the leaders in the field. The MOOC is titled “Rapid Book Publishing for Educators” which runs from November 18 through December 29 (elapsed sessions are only four weeks). Although we’ve tailored the content to educators, 70% of the content applies to business folks as well. As part of the MOOC, the class will write and publish a @THiNKaha App book. Should be fun!

There are currently 350 students registered and I’d like to see it go over 500. Can you please help spread the word? Please use the messages below if you need a template.

Thanks in advance for your help, let me know if you have any questions.


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