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Cupertino, CA-based Credibility Nation(r) is a month into their ACE (Accountability, Credibility & Execution) Mastermind. They are happy to be working with a team of incredibly talented individuals that have already seen great results. The sessions are driven by Global Credibilty Expert Mitchell Levy and Execution Expert Lucas Root, and focus on helping attendees define their purpose, establish the right mindset, and execute on their vision with the goal of increasing joy (and revenue) through accountability, credibility, and execution. With two very knowledgeable hosts and a long list of interactive content, Credibility Nation is proud to share that the ACE Mastermind is already proving to be an edifying experience for everyone involved. One of the hosts is Global Credibility Expert Mitchell Levy, a two-time TEDx speaker, international bestselling author of over 60 books, and an executive coach at Marshall Goldsmith’s 100 Coaches. He published an international bestselling book after speaking to 500 thought leaders on credibility and delivered a TEDx talk on humanity. He also created courses (and the Credibility Nation membership community) with the goal of helping those who want to live and learn credibly while surrounding themselves with similar-minded people. With his help, anyone interested in this lifestyle can achieve it — and make progress on their credibility journey.

The second host is Lucas Root, a veteran of Wall Street who spent nearly two decades leading numerous teams. After establishing a track record of success, Root began a consulting business, through which he now works with strong brands that have good ideas and the funding to pursue said ideas (but perhaps not the knowledge on how to execute them). He has, since 2019, spoken to countless audiences across the world and had the opportunity to partner with businesses and VCs in search of mentoring.

There have been a number of amazingly cool testimonials from the last ACE Mastermind from Credibility Nation. As Levy states, “I’m so excited about the quality of people in the room and the growth I’ve already seen.”

Credibility Nation is the go-to resource for those wanting to be seen as credible. The community helps them connect with the right people to facilitate their credibility journey. It brings like-minded individuals together to share and grow in concert, secure in the knowledge that they have the support of everyone around them. Levy’s interviews with thought leaders on credibility made it clear that 98% of them did not have the ability to articulate their purpose. Further, 80% did not have a strong online presence, and 23% came late to their interviews — which Credibility Nation says is a sign of disrespect.

After seeing the results of the 500 interviews, many might want to do something to bring more awareness to the concept of credibility. Credibility Nation’s goal is to provide simple and straightforward ways to appear more credible to the world, and in line with this goal, they will be hosting The Ultimate Credibility Bootcamp from June 2 – 3 later this year where attendees will learn how to align their purpose on and offline so they will be more credible to those around them.

Members of Credibility Nation learn a number of strategies, including how to share their message with clarity. They learn how to explain who they serve and what customer point of possibility (CPoP) they address. They develop the ability to share their message effectively in such a way that attracts those who need their services — and repels those who do not. Members also learn how to showcase their credibility, making sure that people see them as someone to trust and rely on to perform the service in question. At Credibility Nation, they believe that credibility is not a destination. Instead, it is an ongoing journey. It is evident in the individual’s character and everyone else’s perception of said character. A number of thought leaders have already pledged to be more credible thanks to Credibility Nation, and people continue to be influenced by the community to become more trustworthy versions of themselves.

For more information on the community and how to join Credibility Nation (along with access to their seminars and bootcamps), interested parties may visit Credibility Nation’s website. They are also welcome to contact the organization directly.

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Credibility Nation is a place where you can learn to be, reinforce, and grow your credibility while surrounding yourself in a safe environment with others on the same journey.

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