5 “Ahas” on Inside Sales Success from Anneke Seley

This week's five Ahas are from the book Anneke Seley on Inside Sales Success. The evolution of the global market, as well as rapid changes in buying and selling behaviors, prompt companies to evaluate, implement, and re-evaluate sales practices and tools in order to keep up with the times. Anneke Seley and her team at Reality Works have helped hundreds of global companies increase revenue by optimizing their inside and social selling teams.

In this Aha Amplifier book, you will learn, in crisp and concise 140 character-tweets, several tips on building a powerhouse inside sales group, and outline ways by which inside sales can help your organization increase revenue, engage more buyers, and accelerate the sales cycle. This social media enabled eBook is based on Anneke Seley and the Reality Works Group's award-winning e-Book, Inside Sales Success: A Guide for Global Leaders.

Share some of Anneke’s tips below, and then read and share the entire book via the Aha Amplifier:

  1. It's been proven that a strong field sales rep is no silver bullet. #InsideSales @annekeseley #tll [click to tweet]
  2. The inside sales team uses phone, email & social media to close business. #InsideSales @annekeseley #tll [click to tweet]
  3. Focus your team on having meaningful conversations and converting prospects into qualified buyers. #InsideSales @annekeseley #tll [click to tweet]
  4. Stale, generic sales pitches just won't cut it. #InsideSales @annekeseley #tll[click to tweet]
  5. Inside sales teams help companies transform the way they sell & add millions in incremental & sustainable revenue. @annekeseley #tll [click to tweet]

Anneke Seley on Inside Sales Success is available via the Aha Amplifier. You can see all 140 Ahas and share one or more of them socially at Anneke Seley on Inside Sales Success. (Please note that you'll need to create a free account to view and share the book.)

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