5 Ahas of Gratitude from Catherine Ryan Hyde


This week’s five Ahas are from the AhaBook™ Catherine Ryan Hyde 365 Ahas on GratitudeCatherine Ryan Hyde is the bestselling author of over 30 books that have inspired people worldwide. Catherine has compiled a year’s worth of her original beautiful photos to accompany her favorite awe-inspiring and life-affirming moments. This is Catherine’s heartfelt tribute to the beauty of our world and to the joyful act of giving thanks. Each AhaMessage contains a link to a gorgeous photo on Pinterest.AAEAAQAAAAAAAATEAAAAJGYwZjM0OGVmLTFmZDUtNDAwNS1hZjgxLWUwZTYzYjk1YTY2YQ - Copy

As you can tell, this is an experiment as this AhaBook contains 365 vs. 140 AhaMessages. As an experiment, I’d like to know what you think? Please reach out and let me know.

This Aha Amplifier book is a companion work to Catherine’s book, 365 Days of Gratitude: Photos from a Beautiful World, available on Amazon at:http://www.amazon.com/365-Days-Gratitude-Photos-Beautiful-ebook/dp/B00JPSS208/.

Share some of the AhaMessages below, and then read and share the entire book via the Aha Amplifier™:

  1. Even watching and photographing the most ordinary birds fills me with gratitude. http://aha.pub/CRH003 @cryanhyde #tll [click to tweet]
  2. My favorite hiking views happen on the days when the sky is putting on a show. http://aha.pub/CatherineRyanHyde038 @cryanhyde #tll [click to tweet]
  3. If you are having trouble relaxing, I strongly suggest you take lessons from a cat. http://aha.pub/CatherineRyanHyde074 @cryanhyde #tll [click to tweet]
  4. I was feeling grateful that not all of the tall trees have been carted out on logging trucks. http://aha.pub/CatherineRyanHyde264 @cryanhyde #tll[click to tweet]
  5. To me, any bird looks like art with the ocean as a background. http://aha.pub/CatherineRyanHyde315 @cryanhyde #tll [click to tweet]

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